Notti Biscotti

31 Jan

Just passing by this coffee shop and their name got me in. As they say “a biscotti is a biscotti is a biscotti”. But you know, this is not any biscotti, its Notti Biscotti. It’s all about marketing and if you have name like Notti Biscotti, it just helps. Just ask French Connection UK or better knows as FCUK.

May be its time to Franchise out!



31 Jan

Just found out about this company which manufactures systems that facilitate collection of virgin samples of earth overburden. What I like about this product is its simplicity – which is a double edge sword. If right branding, coupled with a service offering, is put in place, this product could go places.

Let me know if you want me to make an introduction.


31 Jan

Had a chance to meet the team from Weatherhaven. This is an interesting company.Vancouver Sun covered this company last week.

“Weatherhaven is a leading provider of portable shelters, camps and systems for remote sites around the world. The company engineers, manufactures and installs custom shelter systems for a wide variety of commercial, military and medical applications.”

Their clients include military, peace missions, mining companies, etc.

Definitely a company to keep an eye on.